GhosDi Art
Designs by Dilynn Kelderman

Joseph Woodman


Joseph, a man in his early twenties, always wears a frown on his face and believes he is the toughest in the town. However, in reality, he is a softie who gets easily frightened by the most mundane things. He works as a bodyguard and loves his job, even though he doesn't have anything to protect. Due to the low crime rate in Little Oak, he is really just someone who walks around the town at night. Being the youngest, he has always been treated as the baby in the Woodman family.


Joseph is a man of short stature with a muscular build. He enjoys working out and maintaining his fitness. His skin is tanned and has an olive tone unlike Cathy's. Joseph spends a lot of time outside and wears a blue bandana on his forehead to catch his sweat. His regular attire consists of a green short-sleeved shirt, a ripped pair of jeans, and sporty shoes. He wears his dog tag every day, even though he has never served in the military. Joseph asked Ferdie to genetically modify his hair to be similar to his brother, whom he looks up to. He chose the colour green for the front part of his hair. Like his brother, he has green eyes, but his are more of an olive colour than Ferdie's forest green eyes. Joseph is not good at following fashion trends and sometimes seeks Cathy's advice.


Joseph has been an angry person ever since he was a toddler. He would throw his toys on the ground and destroy things like sandcastles, snowmen and huts made of sticks. He was generally known as a menace by the other kids in the village. If he didn't get his way, he would pick fights or throw tantrums. This was most likely because he didn't have any sort of parental guidance, he never knew his father and his mother passed away when he was around the age of 2.

Joseph picks fights with people, but deep down, he is sensitive and cares a lot. Despite his tough exterior, Joseph is sensitive and caring deep down. He has a soft heart and often feels hurt by the way people treat him. He doesn't know how to express his emotions, so he lashes out instead. He feels like he has to be tough to survive in the world, but it's all just a facade. As he got older, Joseph realized that his behaviour was causing more harm than good. He started to reflect on his actions and how they affected others. Joseph also started volunteering at a local police station, where he found a sense of purpose and learned to connect with others positively. Nowadays, Joseph is still grumpy at times, but he no longer picks fights with people. He has learned to express his emotions healthily and is more comfortable showing his sensitive side to the people he trusts. He cares deeply about the people and animals in his life and will do anything to protect them.